Water treatment plants Box4Water® CW

Assignment — water purification from underground and natural sources.

Application field —centralized and independent water systems of:

  • objects of housing and communal services, field camps and settlements;
  • military bases and Emergencies Ministry unit;
  • social facilities, hotels, spa and sports centers;
  • enterprises of gas, oil, mining and metallurgical, food and pharmaceutical industry;
  • energy sectors;
  • enterprises of transport infrastructure.

The functional purpose — water treatment plants are intended for discoloration, clarification, deferrization, demanganation, softening, deionization, degasification, mineral composition correction and water disinfection with conditioning.

The applied technologies — in a basis of water treatment plants are mechanical, catalytic, ion-exchange, getter, floatation, electrochemical and membrane water technologies with usage of combined disinfection.


  • Provide treatment of the fresh and mineralized surface and underground water high-polluted with water color up to 400 degrees, iron and manganese content up to 30 mg/dm3, hardness to 20 mg-ekv/dm3 and salinity up to 30 g/dm3.
  • Allow to receive deep-cleaned water with specific conductivity 0,05 ¼¬æ¼/cm (Ом/см или мОм/см, размерность непонятная) and oxygen content up to 0,02 mg/dm3.
  • Can be delivered completed with the pre-fabricated frame-panel buildings equipped with internal engineering systems.
  • Are adapted for field operation at temperature air from -40 to 40 oC.
  • Are intended for placement both on concrete platforms and on pile foundations under permafrost.
  • Can be completed with an independent power supply source.
  • Can be delivered by any kind of transport.

They are delivered in a 20 or 40-foot HC-containers heat insulated by sandwich-panels. The plants are equipped with system of combined extract-and-input ventilation, lighting lamps and an internal ground loop, cable for connection to engineering communications and can be also equipped additionally with a signaling on opening and remote control.


  • The minimum terms of installation works during construction of water treatment complexes.
  • To achieve the high water purification quality at a possible change of source water quality.
  • The low operational costs connected with small power capacity of plants, use of the filtering materials and membranes with a long term operation and plant operation in the automatic mode without involvement of permanent service personnel.
  • The block-modular principle allows to make plant modernization with the minimum costs, at volume increase of water use.


The B4W-C plants are produced with a productivity from 0,1 to 10000 m3/days.


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