Sewage treatment plants Box4Water® WW-H

Box4Water offers a turn-key, compact and mobile solution for the decentralized treatment of wastewater at remote locations that do not have access to the public sewer system.

By installing the containerized system on site, there is no need anymore for installing long sewer connections and pumping stations to the nearest municipal wastewater treatment plant.

The effluent from the Box4Water is in compliance with European and International regulations for direct discharge into surface water.

Epuramat’s Box4Water is based on a company’s proprietary treatment module ExSep® (Extreme-Separator) which uses gravity and fluid dynamics to separate organic and inorganic matter from liquids using no energy and zero chemicals at an efficiency of up to 99 %.

Primary treatment by ExSep® reduces the pollutant load for subsequent treatment steps, resulting in smaller plant dimensions at lower investment and operating costs.

The containerized wastewater treatment plant, Box4Water, is designed with the following specifications:

  • Influent screening with a mesh size of 2 mm
  • Equalization and homogenization tank
  • Separator ExSep for reduction of settleable and filterable particles instead of conventional pre-treatment methods such as sand/fat trap and settlement basins
  • the membrane bioreactor for implementation of highly effective way of deep biological cleaning of waste water, dehydration of deposits and mineralized active sludge.

The plant is completely installed in insulated container.

The Box4Water is controlled by Epuramat’s proprietary logic control unit using touch screen monitoring and remote controlling.

In the case of growing needs an upgrade of the plant is easily possible due to the modular design of the Box4Water.

The treatment of the wastewater is done by the following treatment steps:

1.​ Coarse cleansing with 2 mm screen

2.​ Buffering and homogenization of inflow and presswater from sludge dewatering

3.​ Mechanical pre-treatment (solid-/liquid separation) using ExSep®

4.​ Biological treatment with Membrane-Bio-Reactor (MBR)

5.​ Membrane filtration technology for water separation from sludge

6.​ Sludge dewatering without chemicals (flocculants)

All processes are monitored and controlled using a programmable logic control (PLC), which can be managed on site via touch panel or remotely, to ensure a consistently smooth operation of water treatment process.


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