Control stations ExSep® CP

Control and protection stations ExSep® CP are intended for pumping plant automation with electromotors, provide protection and control of pumping stations. 

The station consists of three main parts: control and protection board, the on-off sensor of level and the sensor of the dry course, ensures the electric pump functioning in the manual and automatic modes. 

The control and protection station is connected to a single-phase alternating current system with voltage of 220 V +/-10%, or to a three-phase alternating current system with voltage of 380 V +/-10% and frequency of 50 Hz +/-2%.

Construction of a control and protection panel provides the prohibition of switching on of electric pumps or their switch-off in the absence of tension in one of phases. The status of board elements is displayed by the light indication located on a board door.

Operation mode - the long, round-the-clock. 

Products are intended for maintenance in macroclimatic regions with a temperate and frigid climate in the open air or in locations. 

Construction of control and protection station provides its transportation by any kind of transport. 

The manufacturer undertakes within 1,5 years from the date of start-up of the control and protection station in maintenance, but no more than 2,5 years from the shipment date from manufacturer gratuitously to replace and repair the device if in the period of the specified time the failure is found made by manufacturer.


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