Pump stations ExSep® PS/B

ExSep® PS/B pump stations provide assignment or supply of working liquid with pressure increase in the municipal, agricultural and industrial systems. Mobile pump stations of various categories in respect of climatic and explosion-proof modification can be made and put as stationary. Pump stations have an identical design and differ in an execution type, mass-dimensional and performance data.

Pump stations are installations for pumping of working liquid in which structure are included: 

- the pump unit which includes the pump and the independent driving engine;

- the tank for working liquid;

- the reserve pump (pumps) as a part of the pump unit with the independent driving engine (engines);

- system of regulation;

- equipment of start-up and protection;

- control equipment;

- auxiliary hydroequipments;

- knots and details of connections in uniform system;

- assembly frame;

- container (modular building).

Installations are based on the basis of one, two, three and more pump units and can be equipped with storage containers for liquid collection and storage . As pump units production of any producers according to requirements of the customer can be put. As working liquid in pump stations it is necessary to apply natural and waste water, nonflammable and nontoxical water emulsions and other. Use of other nonflammable and nontoxical working liquids which have confirmed necessary properties is allowed. 

The number of the pump units which are a part of the pump station can be various depending on a standard size of the pump station, conditions of its application and customer requirements. It is possible to produce the pump stations without reserve pumps.

Electric equipment of the pump stations intended for operation in the explosion areas and rooms is manufactured in explosion-proof execution, and for the zones and rooms not dangerous on gas and dust - in normal execution. 

Pump station protection system provides protection of the pump unit against an overload at hard-over failure and also protection against makeup pressure drop in the inlet pump and from decrease in level of working liquid in a tank is lower than the value established for the mode of the "dry" course of pump units.

The control equipment at the pump station provides visual discharge pressure and makeup control by means of the showing manometers, levels of working liquid in a tank and oils in a pump case (in the presence). 

All materials of the pump station contacting to drinking water have permission to use in drinking water supply. 

The installation design provides her transportation by any kind of transport. 

Pump stations provide a continuous operating mode. 

Warranty operation period – 12 months from the date of commissioning or from the date of release/delivery in coordination with the customer.


Technical Support - Elebbs Group.