Containerized wastewater treatment plant Box4Water

Box4Water offers a compact and decentralized wastewater treatment solution for small, remote communities without access to the municipal sewer system. With the absence of an infrastructure with canals to the nearest municipal wastewater treatment plant and associated pumping stations, a wastewater treament on site by Box4Water proves to be economically very advantageous.

Accordingly, Epuramat‘s containerized wastewater treatment plant Box4Water is also ideally suited for mobile applications such as working camps, construction sites or offshore rigs. Core component of the Box4Water is Epuramat’s proprietary primary treatment technology ExSep®. The Box4Water can quickly be operational and runs with a minimum of maintenance. Its fully automatic electronic control allows remote plant monitoring and surveillance.

The treated water complies with European and international regulations for direct discharge. Due to the sludge dewatering system which is integrated into the container disposal costs can be kept at a minimum.

Box4Water is available for capacities starting from 12.5 m3 up to 120 m3 per day (20 or 40 feet high cube containers). Larger sizes, with the process technology split into several containers, are available on demand.

Box4Water compared to conventional sewage plants:


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