Epuramat’s patented Extreme-Separator ExSep® separates solid matter as well as oil and fat from liquid medium. Thus particles in a size from 6,000 to 15μ are separated. Throughput capacities of the scalable ExSep® range from 0.5 to 500m3 per hour.

  • High separation efficiency of up to 99.9%
  • No need of chemicals
  • Compact and robust design without moving parts, made of stainless steel
  • Low maintenance required
  • Long lifetime
  • Completely gravity fed, requires no energy

Based on the ExSep®-technology, Epuramat provides systems for water and wastewater treatment as well as oil-water-separation systems.

  • Relieved and downsized subsequent treatment because of highly efficient primary treatment by ExSep
  • Compact and energy efficient systems such as the containerized wastewater treatment plant Box4Water
  • Low operating costs
  • Large space savings compared to conventional solutions available on the market
  • Completely enclosed design avoiding odour disturbances
  • Operation via touch panel on site or completely remote controlled by computer or smartphone
  • Complete sludge treatment on site producing a dry solids content of ≥ 15%
  • Flexible expandability of the systems due to their modular design
  • Short lead time
  • Quick commissioning


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