Epuramat's compact treatment systems

Epuramat provides compact, energy-efficient and chemicals-free water and wastewater treatment systems.

For optimal adaption to the specific project conditions, the plants have a modular design. Plant expansions or adjustments are easily possible at any time.

Epuramat wastewater treatment plants consist of the patented primary treatment by ExSep® and subsequent treatment stages that are designed according to the required quality of effluent. Frequent cleaning purposes in practice are direct and indirect discharge as well as re-use of industrial process water. Direct discharge means discharge of treated water into a water body while indirect discharge means the disposal of (pre-purified) water into the public sewer system.

The plants are equipped with a touch panel for a convenient control. In addition, the Epuramat-systems can be completely remote controlled. For this purpose Epuramat has developed a programmable logic control (PLC) program, by which the plants can be operated and controlled by computer or smartphone without anyone to be present on site.



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