Mechanical pre-treatment technology based on ExSep

Epuramat’s patented ExSep® (Extreme-Separator) is a solid/liquid separation technology based on gravity and fluid dynamics. This innovative primary treatment system can be used for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications.

ExSep® operates with low energy and chemical demand and is ExSep® is scalable to fit a wide range of wastewater characteristics and capacities, from 0.5 m³/h to 250 m³/h, with separation efficiency up to 99%. Because it can replace traditional big sand traps and sedimentation tanks as well as energy-intensive alternatives such as flotation systems, ExSep® combines high efficiency with small footprint, low investment, operation and maintenance costs like no other existing pre-treatment technology.

ExSep® can be used in particular as a pre-treatment unit for various industrial process water, for overloaded municipal wastewater treatment plants or for oil-water separation. It is also integrated in our Box4Water, a containerized and complete wastewater treatment plant designed for remote areas without access to public sewer for up to 600 people. For all these applications, the pre-treatment by ExSep® relieves subsequent treatment steps which results in more compact design and cost savings.

Sludge and fat resulting from solid/liquid separation by ExSep® are stored and homogenized in a buffer tank.

Primary treatment by ExSep® reduces the pollutant load for subsequent treatment steps, resulting in smaller plant dimensions at lower investment and operating costs.

For example, by biological treatment less oxygen for activated sludge aeration is required that brings to lower power - and operating costs.


Technical Support - Elebbs Group.