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Do you want to give the best to your lady love on bed? Well, here are some tips that are sure Housewives looking nsa Cheyenne Wyoming change sex for your woman and she will love you more than ever. We are sure most of you know that not every woman achieves an orgasm during sex.

Looking For A Woman To Make Wet And Finger

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For many people with vulvas, being super turned on often le to vaginal lubrication — better known as getting wet. Sexy lonely wanting big black cock is not a substitute for enthusiastic verbal consent; always take the time to communicate with your partner, and, when in doubt, ask! So how do you make your partner wet? Read on for some tips! Wetness occurs when vaginal secretions increase, often in response to sexual arousal.

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If the woman has been leaking urine or stool, gently turn the speculum to look at the walls of the vagina.

A speculum is useful for looking at the cervix and vagina. Some diseases have s that appear on the outside of the genitals see the chapter on STIs.

If you are examining the woman Olmstead KY milf personals she is bleeding from the vagina after birth, abortion, or miscarriage, look for flesh coming from the opening of the cervix. But only do a pelvic exam if it is really necessary.

How to make a vulva owner wet

It should move easily, without causing pain. If the womb: feels soft and large, she is probably pregnant.

Check the cervix, which should look pink and round and smooth. Always examine a woman where others cannot see.

How to do a speculum exam. Books and Resources.

How to finger a girl : 7 tips to make her wet with desire!

Healthwiki Buy books Donate About us Hesperian. Hesperian Health Guides. It is not difficult to learn, and with practice, most women or health workers can:. Then put one finger on either side of the cervix and move the cervix gently.

In this chapter:. Look at the outside genitals: Using the gloved hand to gently touch the woman, look for lumps, swelling, unusual discharge, sores, tears, and scars around the genitals and in between the skin folds of the vulva.

Here are 6 fingering techniques that will give your woman an intense orgasm!

If her cervix feels soft, she may be pregnant. Feel the opening of her womb cervix to see if it is firm and round. Do not do a pelvic examination: when a woman is pregnant and bleeding, or if her waters have broken.

Create your own user feedback survey. If you have one, follow the steps below and then continue with the exam on the next .

Bring the blades closer together to do this. If you do not have a speculum, you can get much of the same information by following the steps on the next .

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Where Women Have No Doctor. If you think she may have an infection, check for green or yellow discharge, or bleeding from the cervix.

If it does cause pain, she may have an infection of the womb, tubes, or ovaries. Notice if the opening is open or closed, and whether there is any discharge or bleeding. Move the cervix gently from side to side.