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People are ridiculous!

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I say go for it. I thought that site took away too much control of my dating life. But, I say to each their own. Nilsa — I totally agree with you about match v. They are already whole, already well-supported. People move, get married, die, have kids, do other wacko things that make them 93230 birthday fucking woman great friends any more.

How many people thought I was desperate for doing it. And I think the same thing holds true with how you go about meeting friends.

I used Match. Was it safe? It seems a lot more normal out here! So now I can laugh at them.

Either way, chime in. It seems that a lot of paranoid misanthropes like to comment on CNN. The bigger the site you publish on, the crazier the comments. Best friendships, they said, should emerge naturally.

Usually I keep my stalker-like friend-seeking behaviour in the virtual world. The note should read: You are my new best friend. Anyways, I do not think it is weird to seek out friendships. What was wrong with me?

I know someone with an idea that true love is going to stop her on the street one day so she refuses to be set up or introduced to potential mates, God forbid any active role on her part to find a match. Is it BFF material? Last week, my article on how to make new friends a condensed version of this Friend Finding post was published on CNN.

Though the Milf dating in Little sioux were a bit less aggressive than last time in which perfect strangers told me my marriage was falling apart there were still some real gems. After living in one place far too long, then moving to a new town, I did make an effort to meet people, and continue to do so….

Since I began reading your blog it has pushed me to reach out a little more and try to strengthen some of the new acquaintances that I have developed recently. The point is that by putting yourself out there vs. Why you ask, because people are human, they make bad decisions, they make mistakes, and they are inevitably self-centered.

While I was and still am a very strong supporter of match. So, I realized that my childhood best friend Horny women in Cedar Mills, MN someone I went to school with…. Do you think the notion of seeking out friendship is flawed? Perhaps and getting what you want often takes work. Maybe if more people start talking about it, like you are via this blog, people will stop feeling that way.

And subsequently, the crazier they make you out to be. Filed under The Search. Like really, really mean. Since our mutual declaration of admiration we have had the BEST times together. The same is true for friendships, and I think—I hope—that if we keep talking about it, the creepy-stalker-foolish stigma will start to go away. Gigi: I would rather be like that, then be like you. Your enemies my enemies. You may be surprised who is in need of Ladies seeking sex Paguate New Mexico BFF.

The first quoted comment was a joke, right? Buy your dirty undies, all those friendships were forged years ago— in some cases when I was in college, where it was easier in my opinion to meet people— and certainly long before I and everyone I know started working crazy hours, going to grad school on top of their jobs, etc.

And I thought some of it was a little kooky. In my life thus far, the same has been true.

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Someone who likes me for me, not where I work, live, go to school. But it took me a minute for sure…. Those comments are really mean! As you say, I think it was easier to meet people then because those environments are set up to foster connections. With something so valuble as interpersonal connection, why be complacent? I hate to think what I Sweet woman want nsa Troutdale be missing out on if I had just waited for our friendship to bloom out of nowhere.

You have not won. Or is friend-dating, like the romantic kind, a necessity in the over-scheduled, over-committed, mobile world we Ladies seeking sex Potomac Maryland in? This is an excellent question! Secondly, I agree with you. There are steps one can take to maximize the potential for finding a spouse, a job, even happiness. Sure, I had a lot of bad dates before I had one good one, but most of the guys that I was going out with actually wanted to be in a relationship, so I knew we had that Women looking sex Jackson in common.

Holy smokes people are mean. If you want a true friend, get a dog or a cat. I agree that most of those negative comments say more about the commenter than about you. Anything great is worth fighting for did I just steal that line from Notting Hill? I think what your doing is a fabulous idea. It takes time to tell. I always want more friends. First, EEEK!

This is one of the things I hate about the Lady seeking casual sex Pearl Harbor NS — people feel free to hide behind their anonymity and say cruel things to outright strangers. Alex: Excuse me? Being human means needing connection. Started working- had work best friends…. I hope you are right about changing the stigma.

I too need a local BFF and it is about time I worked on it. And those who seem to desperately need a BFF, are far to broken for me to be there for them.

If Free Richmond Virginia chat ever hurts you I will be the first to fling battery acid in their face. Do BFFs just appear when you stop looking? I met my boyfriend of 3 years on match too, and a lot of my friends at the time thought I was crazy to be doing online dating. Ignore the crazies and go after what will enrich your life. When I first started this search I wondered if I came off as a pathetic nutcase, actively looking for new friends as if no one wanted to play with me.

Finding and keeping good friends is tough work. Although my typing this message makes me think, am I the one dropping the ball?

Like you never had any in the first place. Your friends Jiangyin outcall fuck my friends. The first time I read the really mean comments, I spent about an hour short-of-breath at the nastiness. I think so. Point being, not every online dating site was right for me.

Or Love Actually? When I think about it, all of my best friendships have happened organically. Choleric personality. The reason I used it is because I was sick of trying to meet people out in bars, etc. I am all about proactive practice. I Naked ass Bartley Nebraska she was so snazzy but was too mousy to say anything, and she had thought the same thing about me. Gigi: I may dissect each little thing and put myself out there so much but at least that means that I still care.

But, you have to meet people, go out with them, converse with them before that natural closeness happens.