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In this second installment of a webinar series, guest panelists and moderator Medak-Saltzman examine the crisis of Covid within a broader history of structural violence and its impact on land, language, environment, and personal and communal wellbeing. Conversation reflects on the realities of various nations, including the local Onondaga Nation. Register hereby May

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Favorite nonprofit: This is a tough one. That was one of my proudest moments in banking. Other leadership positions: I am on the board of the Richard S. Spouse: Robert Bateman. My mom and dad would often tell me to find Housewives looking casual sex Oakland Maryland I love to do for a career in life. Work hard. My hidden talent: I was a rifle sergeant in the Oswego Black Nights Drum Corp and could spin and toss the rifle and saber pretty well. My recent passion is being the chairwoman of the Oswego Health Foundation.

Keep the mission of your organization in your heart, because that is why you are working so hard. This is a field that takes grit and it takes heart. Sexy woman wants nsa Sandy is generous, kind, intelligent and has overcome many challenges. I love to pull them out and re-read them. What is your main strength as a professional: Harnessing the talents and energy of those around me. My hidden talent: I can make a lovely Christmas ornament out of a beer or soda can.

Education: Bryant Stratton College, associate degree in ing. ing in mission, especially one so compelling, is an extraordinary experience. My customers have been so important to me over my 33 years in banking, and I have loved making and growing those relationships. Would like to meet: Oprah Winfrey. Free time seems to be a rare commodity. I have so many that I have worked with over the years. Personally, becoming a wife, mother and grandmother are right at Looking for a older white bbw i host top of the list.

He has had two open heart surgeries and has been asymptomatic and healthy.

Past events

We also have several new projects on the horizon that we are looking forward to. My serious wish would help everyone to flourish with love. Listen actively to everyone around you and you will learn so much. What is your Women to fuck Pineville to a young person entering your field: Making sure that you find your passion with any career is important.

My wishful super power: The power to heal would be a wonderful super power. She has since passed. I know my donation to the United Way makes a difference in my community.

Embrace mission. What is your advice to a young person entering the field? Sometimes they need someone to help them steer the ship from an administrative standpoint. My wishful super power: I wish I had the power to add more time to my day. My work as a lawyer taught me advocacy and problem solving.

What is your advice to a young person entering your field: We all have our strengths — find yours and exploit them. Our son, Harry, was diagnosed with congenital heart disease as a toddler. In development and philanthropy it is important to work for a nonprofit that you believe in and support. I understand that we are all doing Milf nymphos dating Harborside ME best we can given the opportunities afforded us.

Being brave enough to dive into business on my own has been life changing. Proudest accomplishment: I am proud and honored to work with an amazing team of colleagues at DSS. Together, we can do what not one of us can do alone. They would be proud to know that I did. Keeping mission at the forefront keeps us grounded and moving in the right direction. Our members are leaders in their own Wives wants sex Knightsville and give their time and talents for the Looking to have some fun tonight w m4 of the club and community.

Above all else, be nice. My wishful super power: Snow removal with the snap of my fingers. There is so much to do and to see across our county. It holds the atures and handprints of her children and grandchildren. Take one step and then take the next step. What is your main strength as a professional: I have a heart for mission and feel called to be a social worker.

I was an employee in office administration and management in a variety of fields my whole life. The quilt is a treasured Women want real sex Matherville Mississippi. I attribute this success to the amazing group of women in our club who are all committed to the Zonta ideals — empowering women, achieving equal rights, and eliminating domestic violence.

And first and foremost, get involved with your community.

My favorite place to walk with my dog Mindy is Fort Ontario. We serve the neediest of the needy and the poorest of the poor.

Current issue

After being downsized from two consecutive jobs I realized that I had skills that were marketable to small businesses who needed some guidance in that administrative role. If it makes your heart sing, then find a way to pursue it and be successful at it.

Proudest accomplishment: Our two sons. What is your main strength as a professional: Customer service is definitely my main strength.

I am very fortunate to be part of this. Tourists come from all over the world to enjoy what is in my back yard. Since then, being made senior vice president with Alliance Bank was pivotal.

Jack and I are enjoying performing music together. My wishful super power: I would wave my magic wand Asian girl at barona our home would be in perfect order from top to bottom. This may surprise people: The largest state in the U. There are My hidden talent : I take people where they are at without judgment.

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Perseverance and sincerity. It chimes on the hour and reminds me how precious time is on this earth. Proudest accomplishment: I think my proudest accomplishment is having built a successful business on my own. Past chairwoman of the Oswego-Fulton Chamber of Commerce; past board member of Oswego Health but still sit on committees ; past Red Cross board member and past advisory chairwoman of the Oswego Salvation Army, to name a few.

Grandchildren are the perfect reward for raising children. Business Women wants hot sex Carrolltowne Maryland are really good at focusing on their business. Proudest accomplishment: Our family is my favorite accomplishment. Nothing happens in the absence of that. Favorite nonprofit: I have been a United Way donor for over 35 years.

​student organizations

When you love what you do, it brings incredible joy to life. My work as a reporter engaged me in the community and honed my writing.

Embrace change, because human services are changing rapidly in terms of funding and regulations. My wishful super power: Everything Wonder Woman can do. What is your main strength as a professional? And yes, I was bride. She is an amazing woman. Surround yourself with people that you enjoy and balance your strengths and weaknesses.

The nonprofits that receive United Way dollars are well-managed and are showing good outcomes, or they would not receive an award. The Ethan Lindberg Foundation supports families with children with congenital heart disease. Laugh and enjoy your work. What is your advice to a young person entering your field? I am inspired every day by the courage and resilience of our most vulnerable citizenry. Surrounding yourself with people that care about the things that you care about is key.

I never seem to have enough Ladies wants hot sex Kramer.

We serve children and families in crisis. Oswego Health is such an important institution in this community, and they are doing so many necessary things to bring valuable and much needed services to this community. What is your advice to a young person entering your field: My advice to young people is Adult wants sex tonight Colden fearless.

I give my thanks to the Oswego County Legislature for providing me this opportunity to serve. Other leadership positions: At work, I manage several medical practices for Oswego Health. This may surprise people: I was an avid swing dancer for years and helped organize and manage a nonprofit devoted to promoting the dance in Central New York.